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Palm Oil

Palm Oil

Malaysia is one of the countries known as a key exporter of sustainable Palm Oil. There is a scheme that exists MSPO or also known as Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil that gives out certification for those who are chain suppliers also as manufacturers in the palm oil industry and business. This certification scheme was introduced by the government to maintain the quality of our palm oil nutrition is always balanced. Usually the way to ensure it is always high in quality, they would need to use quality palm oil fertiliser. Until now the Malaysian Palm oil is big, from increasing in profits even up until now. No wonder why its big, as it contributes so much to the Malaysian economy. Palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil pekebun kecil around and it actually used in many of our daily necessities that include our food cooking as it can palm-oil be used as cooking oil, as well as in our cosmetic products and also our cleaning products too.

The History of Palm Oil

The history of palm oil was when Malaysia was occupied by the british. The british at that time, brought over palm trees from africa. The government of Malaysia believed that palm oil could be an industry in malaysia so then they went and bought in western companies in palm oil guineensis and nationalised it, for example, Sime darby. These palm oil plantations are still visible to us that can be seen next to highways.

There are a few necessary processes that must be done to the palm fruits in hope to extract the oil. At first they have to plant in new palm trees and wait a few years to harvest. After they are harvested, they will be threshed, a process that separates the flesh to the stem of the fruit bunch. Everything from the flesh to the seed is used in extracting oil. After that it is sterilisation or cooking by cooking the fresh with either boiling or steaming it in high temperature that causes oil splitting enzymes to disappear. Then it is set in a pressurised clamp to extract all that oil.

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