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No Eating Before Bedtime

Have people around you telling you not to eat before bedtime, at least an hour before bedtime. Since our younger time, we have already brainstormed by our family and friends, telling us not to eat before bedtime.

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I am sure that they have told you the side effect if you eat before bedtime, like causing us to gain weight more than the usual hour.

But I am here to tell you no, this is not true, it is all depending on what you eat. For example, you can consider eating some healthy snacks such as fruits, whole-grain cereals and etc.

Anyhow, you need to know that it will be the best if you don’t eat before bedtime, because sometimes we might not know how our digestive system will be like.

It’s okay, this topic will be a never ending topic. Until now, there are still people out there arguing about this. People are started to focus on the nutrition level of the food, the amount of the food intake etc. kind of concern.

There are no complete right or wrong of eating before bedtime as it has both pros and cons in it. Just like some people are having a better metabolism system, so no matter how big the amount they eat each day, they will still remain in the same weight, and vice versa.

Do you know that eating before bed time is actually a very unhealthy habit in our life. By following the theory, all is because eating before bed, which is also known as “supper”, is considered as an extra meal for all of us, therefore people might think it is not healthy to do so and it will result in gaining extra weight for our body.

According to scientific research, time between 12pm to 4pm is the time when everyone feels the hungriest. When we feel hungrier, we will be eating more than usual. So, it will result in gaining extra weight.

Some people may have the habit of eating heavy meal during their supper time such as eating meat. When the people that are having diseases, they tend to blame it all to the halal chicken supplier singapore.

To conclude, it is all depends on you, to eat or not to eat.

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