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Must Wedding Tips and Tricks you Cannot Miss

Must Wedding Tips and Tricks you Cannot Miss

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Tying the knot with someone you choose among the hundreds of people you probably met is really satisfying. You can’t help but feel so grateful. You must be too excited that you want to start the wedding preparation at once. For sure you want your wedding day to be extra special, a kind of event that won’t be easily forgotten.

However, you should know that no matter how prepared you are and no matter how meticulous you are in preparing for your big day, a perfect event can still go wrong because of a number of things. So, to ensure that such misfortunes will not happen to you, here are some useful wedding tips and tricks:

1. Consider the Guests First

Before looking for a venue of your big day, you have to decide the number of guests you want to invite first so that you can choose the venue based on the number of guests that can be accommodated. Note that you also need to consider the band, and the waiters who will be going here and there.

2. Problematic Days

If your wedding is about 2 to 3 months away, you should first investigate if there are local upcoming events in your area before setting a date. Note that most of the time, such events can cause too much traffic or fully booked accommodations. This might cause some problems for you and for your guests.  

3. The Weather

Don’t forget to investigate about the weather as well. However, you cannot really tell if the wedding is still months away. The best way to deal with this is to prepare some precautions like you can have a pest control expert deal with your venue as some pests are known to swarm in certain seasons and so on. If you also prefer a sunset wedding, you can check the sunset time on the day of your wedding. Check the weather forecast to make sure your wedding is set perfectly!

4. Check Out Credit Rewards

No matter if you choose your wedding vendor well, you will still end up spending a good amount of money. Thus, you can take this chance to enjoy credit card rewards. Before buying anything, learn about this and signup for huge rewards, especially that you are surely going for a honeymoon after your wedding. Sometimes, part of the rewards are hotel accommodation, plane ticket discounts and so on.

5. Always Ask for Referral

If you are resourceful enough, each vendor can give you referral not only to affordable vendors, but also to the most reliable ones. Like for example, a wedding planner can recommend you to a good caterer and likewise, the caterer can also recommend a good florist and so on. You should make it a habit to ask for their referral though as they might not voluntarily spill this out.

6. Lighten Your Expenses

Do you feel too stressed as just by imagining it, you feel that you need to shell out a lot of money for your wedding? The easiest way to minimize expenses is to tone down your guests. Yes, that is right as almost half of your expenses will go to the food which can be toned down as well with fewer guests. Besides, even if this is a wedding, practicality can still be applied which is greatly advised in this very expensive time. I am pretty sure your friends and distant relatives will understand.

7. More Service Time

Most vendors are willing to give extra services rather than cut off the pay they are going to receive. All you need to do is to ask. There is no harm in trying as they say and thus, before signing your name on the dotted line, you should try this trick. If they say no, then you can’t do anything about it, but what if they say yes, then more happy moments for you and your guests!

8. Food for the Vendors

Maybe you have not thought about this, but usually, you also need to shoulder the meals of your vendors. However, before singing the contract, you must make sure that they meals for them will not be the same with the meals served for the guests as this will surely cost you a lot. But of course, they are as delicious! Just make sure to inform your caterer about this to avoid complications on the big day.

9. Be Organized

You should have a different notebook for this event where you can list everything. List down all the vendors as well as their numbers, include what you agreed and how much you are expected to pay and so on. This is the best way to stay organized and to ensure that nothing will be forgotten. You can check this notebook every day for reminders and check those that are already done. You can also use a digital notebook for this so that you can incorporate digital reminders.

Yes, when you are about to walk the aisle with someone you love wholeheartedly, you want that big day to be perfect. Thus, it is a must that you need to prepare for it meticulously. These tips might not be completely fool proof, but this should inspire you to come up with modified ideas. All the best!

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