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FREE Bully Program

As our commitment to providing the highest quality martial arts instruction to our community. We welcome all children ages 4-12 to attend a special bully proof class once a month.

There are no requirements to attend. You do not have to be enrolled as a student, there are no uniform requirements, no limit to the amount of Bully Program classes your children may attend, and no hidden fees of any kind.

This is a 100% Free class held the last Thursday of every month.  Please check our class schedule for the correct age group.

In this class your children will be learning:

  • Self defense techniques
  • Three step process on what to do if being bullied
  • How to talk to a bully and stop the bullying before it turns into a physical confrontation
  • How to defend themselves at school and still be in compliance with school rules
  • Each child will be given a handout on the specific topic of the day. These handouts are theirs to keep.

One of the greatest benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that our art specializes in controlling your opponent through superior body positioning and using your attackers strength and momentum against them. Thus enabling your children to defend themselves while being in compliance with school rules.