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Cons of Signboard Advertising

Cons of Signboard Advertising

Nowadays, many businesses still prefer to use the most traditional way to do their marketing, which is advertising on signboard, signage, and so on.

Yes, it sounds outdated yet still many of the marketer found effective.

Don’t underestimate the power of Sign Board Design, it is actually slowly affecting your business’s reputation.

Since the day that technology started to take over anything else, people are started to shift their advertising method to digital way, such as promote on social media, creating a website for their official page purpose, and so on.

People started to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even doing SEO to higher their official website ranking on Google SERP. Can’t signboard maker kuala lumpur deny, advertising on social media will help businesses to reach to more potential customers, yet the cost is cheaper.

The reason why there is still people advertising on the billboard, signboard and so on, although the cost is quick high.

Before investing in billboard advertising, it is important for business owners to know its advantages and disadvantages so they can decide if this is the right route to take.

Alright, let’s get into the cons of doing advertisement on the signboard or billboard, whatever you want to call.

First, as I mentioned earlier, it will cost you higher compared to other marketing strategy. You will need to make a commitment like working in a company, you need to sign a contract for a certain period of time to commit on advertising on the signboard.

Second, you need an employee to keep track and update you the signboard, you can’t predict what will happen to the signboard. Therefore, you might also have considered for uncertainty happen.

Third, you may need to keep track on the traffic of your advertising, monitor the progress, you can also do some survey or research by asking your customer how they know your brand etc.

In conclusion, if you decide to do signboard advertising, then it needs to be within your budget and marketing plan.

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